Three Different Ways To Improve Your Vehicle’s Braking System

driving safety can be as easy as upgraded brakes

Three Different Ways To Improve Your Vehicle’s Braking System

Our tires and wheels are the driving force that manipulates and controls our vehicles. But even with proper maintenance, your vehicle can be inefficient when it comes to making sudden and precise stops. Ws; enhancing your ability to control the car in the case of a potential accident. It will also help you to be a safer driver, and avoid sudden accidents that could cost a lot more than just money.

Big Brake Kits

Mostly known by racing professionals who need braking systems that are high-performers, big brake kits are very popular. They are effective upgrade solutions that enhance the performance of your braking system- regardless of your car’s make or model. Overall, you will have notably increased braking power because of the improved distribution of heat covering the cylinder in order to eliminate the threat of damaging effects that many manufacturer standard systems that are factory installed experience regularly. More specifically, the benefits include decreased stopping distances and brake fade in the system as well as improved brake modulation and more secure brake pedal firmness.

The displacement and regulation of heat come from the widened pads surface. The pads are designed to provide ventilation that increases your braking power. It also extends the life of your brake pads. That means that you travel more safely, reduce consumption of gas, and conserve the condition of your pads so that they last longer.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution

Electronic brake force distribution systems are very beneficial components to add to your vehicle, although they are mainly made available through the manufacturer of the vehicle or through the dealer. Their primary focus is to keep the driver of the vehicle from losing control of the vehicle and swerving off the road by keeping the car properly aligned when braking. There are cases when extra braking force can be exerted onto the rear wheels when the weight is shifted towards the back. This system will even out the distribution of the force. The enhanced control over your braking system allows you to reach complete stops in shorter distances and minimizes the jerking sensation that propels the car forward further, which can lead to a collision while rapidly decelerating.

Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Most cars are constructed using rubber brake lines, as they are efficient, inexpensive and durable. However, when you want to upgrade the brake lines in order to improve their efficiency, then you have the option of installing stainless steel ones. Stainless steel lines have an inner layer of PTFE or Teflon that routes the brake fluid through the chemically inert metal.

The Teflon is crack-resistant, and unlike rubber, does not expand from heat or pressure, which strictly stabilizes the flows of fluid and eliminates the occurrence of leads or overfeeds. The outer shell is made of a braided steel that protects the brake lines from puncture or damage from rocks or other debris that might fly up from the road. In the end, having the upgraded Teflon brake lines tightens the feel of the brake pedal so that sensation of control is increased for the driver.