Distracting Driving: The Only Safety Feature That Matters is You

Safety Feature proves humans are number one

Wrapped up in today’s hustle and bustle; very little pay attention to what they are doing especially on the road and information is forgotten just as fast as Google delivers search engine results pages to your phone in point whatever seconds.


This one will seem like a rant, but just bare with me, there is some meat buried down in this big melting pot of media soup.  Day in and day out, we spend countless hours glued to these palm-sized lifelines and barely take note at the world happening around us.


Doesn’t sound too terrible, right? I mean at least you are being entertained while the entire world runs forward without you making any contribution and the ones you do are minimal and not of your full potential.


A recent Distracted Driving study released at ZenDrive, verified over 3 million drivers who took 570 million trips and ended driving a total of 5.6 billion miles in their 3-month evaluation.


What this means to you as the most important safety feature of your car is STOP!

Distracted Drivers are the Worst Safety Feature: Phones = Auto Death

Reportedly, 88% of these trips taken, drivers and passengers could not go an hour without touch their precious link to society. That isn’t even the worst part about it. Out of that hour, drivers spend almost 3.5 minutes on their phone.


What the hell are you people thinking?


Is Trump’s next tweet or your Facebook’s newsfeed so important that you have to put my life at risk too?


I have a family and friends who enjoy my company and some that even depend on me making it home every day from work.


But, that doesn’t stop you from taking the 2 seconds you need to glance down at your phone when your email alert goes off or a new viral story hit Instagram.


Think about this the next time you are barrelling down the highway and your phone dings.

The Countdown Starts a 5 Seconds

Five seconds of distracted driving at 55MPH is roughly translated into 100 yards of distance without paying attention to the road.  Of those 3.5 minutes an hour that drivers decide it is a good time to check their phones—2.4 miles have been blindly driven.


Believe me when I say this in the most sarcastic manner, “Our national automobile fatality increases annually; thank you!”


If operating a few thousand pounds of vehicle was not enough stimulation, arguably, it is not.


New tires, maintained brakes, and even some of the top safety features cannot make up for lack of attention. Sure, there are cool features like Lane Assist, but that will only go so far to lend a hand. Blatant disregard for the rules of the road results in an increasing number of fatalities.


As Humans: How Do We React?

Well, it is not to put down our phones. Constant interconnectivity to the digital world allows for a rapid personal connection to someone else’s real life. And guess who understands this need to stay connected more than anyone. It is not your phone company. No, they are just riding the gravy train like most of the smart capitalist who sees an opening in a niche and exploits it.


The one’s who get your addiction more than anything are the makers of your phone and the people who churn out the crapfest of content that hooks thousands even millions. That’s right. Content creators are employed you reel you in and keep you using your phone longer. Phone makers make the phone as easy and comfortable to use as possible, providing an endlessly growing supply of features that supposedly optimizing your life.


Even still as a species cannot pull away. If we are not plugged in then we are missing everything. Moreover, since our answer is to not stop looking at our phones and keep them put away while driving, what are we doing to reduce how many of us are being killed every day as a result of distracted driving?

Some People Get it. Do you?

Well, the U.K. is implementing software that sends an unnoticeable current through the driver, effectively turning off their smartphone while the vehicle is in motion.


Apple is trying to incorporate similar tech into their watch.


And the biggest and rudest “Up Yours” to driving safe is the autonomous market. Yet another reason for use to not learn to do something else. It really is great. Why stress about driving and killing people when we can program a computer to take everyone anywhere they need to be.


Well, this would obviously cut back on the amount of accidents that occur and significantly reduce your importance as an important safety feature of driving. If by the end of this your takeaway was the innovation of automatic cars, then you may want to look back through this.