Read the Instructions

The other day I was making a cup of coffee. Not any sort of coffee, this was being made by a Nespresso machine. I am completely unfamiliar with anything like this having been an instant or a percolated kind of guy for years. I could never be bothered cleaning these machines on a regular basis just so that I could have a cuppa like they make in the local coffee shop. It was a mixture of the inability to use the technology, that is, read a manual, and a dash of laziness.


I had moved into a new apartment which was fully furnished and among the items that were in there was this Nespresso coffee machine. I had come across one before, and it looked rather simple to operate. This one, in the apartment, also had about 20 of those little coffee capsules that you drop in the top, pull the handle and wait for the cup to fill. After using it a few times, successfully, when I turned it on this time it didn’t want to work. I had no idea what could be wrong but knew that there must be a manual online for me to check out.

I had a few business apps on my phone but nothing like what I would need for this fix. With all the apps that are available online these days, and that you can carry around with you on your phone, somebody better think about one that has a database full of relevant user manuals.  Just take your idea to and let them develop the idea and finish up getting your app onto the market. Maybe an app for making coffee would be handy as well. I’m sure if you contact them they will be only too happy to guide you along the path to app success.

I found the manual I was looking for relatively quickly, and it had a lot of useful information in there about my new treasure I had inherited with the apartment. I know I said had always been happy with my instant coffee, but truth be told, I did enjoy the brew made by this machine. So, I was interested to see quite a bit of instruction on how to clean the machine internally, how to reset alarms and the best of all, how to set the level of coffee that was dispensed into your cup. That was a problem I had encountered right from the word go, and I had no idea how to fix the problem.

There’s a saying in DIY circles and among friends in discussions about fixing things or putting things together, such as a piece of Ikea furniture. “If all else fails, read the instructions!” Not a smarter sentence has ever been spoken. It’s probably the reason that manufacturers publish manuals to go with their product.