Slot Machines Trivia: Funny Facts That Will Surprise You

Slot machines as we know them have gone a long way. Over the past century, they evolved from simple, simply mechanic devices into complicated software units. Even though the facade of present day slot machines remains pretty much the same, the process behind the spinning wheels is entirely different. Still, the most surprising thing about slots is that they have not lost their popularity and time relevance in the process. So, given the mass popularity of this hazard game, we decided to come up with a list of slot machines trivia that will surprise you.1

Las Vegas has the highest slot machine density in the world

Currently, there are over 600,000 slot machines in Vegas, which is roughly one machine per eight people. In comparison, there are only two-three doctors per 1000 people in the whole US. Nevada, by the way, is one of the worst states in regard to medical care, desperately lacking healthcare professionals.

The biggest slot machine in history was over two metres high

One of the first slot machines in Nevada was two and a half metres high and two metres wide. Operating a device like this was tough indeed. Plus, the machine was practically unbeatable — the chances of winning a jackpot were over twenty-five billion to one.

Slot machine is not the original name of the device

Originally, the name of the first slot machine was One Arm Bandit. Supposedly, it was tough to beat, which is why it ‘robbed’ the players. A bit later, when the machine turned out to be less unbeatable than anticipated, the name was changed into a ‘vending machine’. Now, the same device is known as a slot machine.

The first jackpot amount was less than a dollar

The first slot machines were not as generous as the subsequent models. The first jackpot prize was just 50 cents. Sure, back in the 1880s, the sum was not as minuscule as it is today. Still, it wasn’t exactly a dream-come-true either.

Cash prizes have not always been the only option

The Prohibition era affected not only alcohol use but also gambling. With the restriction on hazard games, new, fruit machines were designed. And, yes, they were actually dispensing fruit! The cash machines, on the other hand, made their way into speakeasies.

Spinning no longer affects game result

As it was already mentioned, present day slot machines are only a facade of what they used to be. Since the devices are no longer mechanical but digital (the examples are available at 777SpinSlot), the whole spinning process makes no difference at all. The second you push the button, the machine already comes up with a random result. The waiting and spinning process is just a show for the sake of traditions.

It’s all about luck!

All slot machines are based on sheer luck. There is absolutely no way to predict the outcome, calculate strategies, or make the machine do anything to help you win. No magic charm will work! And even though over the years people came up with several mechanical tricks to cheat the machines, there is no way to influence the outcome when you play fair.

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