Technology That Enhances Driving Safety

Technology That Enhances Driving Safety

With the concerning number of car accidents that happen due to unsafe driving habits, several corporations have started designing various software and technology aimed at addressing different aspects of the social issue of driving safety. In some cases, the hazard on the road is the driver being distracted with smartphones from advanced modifications. Nonetheless, there are multiple technological solutions that could help make our streets safer for drivers.

Technical Vehicle Modification That Assist With Driving Treats

The most obvious change that would come to mind when thinking of improving the safety of driving, That is why in recent years, car manufacturers have equipped vehicles with technology that address some of the causes of accidents. For instance, Stability Control technology, referred to as ESP/ESC/DSC, identifies when the wheel is slipping, which would otherwise result in less precise control of the wheels from the steering column.

The innovative Lane Assist technology identifies when you are driving outside of the lanes on the road, and when the trigger is activated, the vehicle automatically corrects the steering so that the vehicle is properly aligned on the road. There are other features available, such as the Blind Spot Warning System and Adaptive Cruise Control. Nevertheless, these technologies make everyday driving safer.

Smart-Technology Modifications That Restrict Smartphone Usage

In the UK, there is technology being built that is aimed at delivering unnoticeable currents from the vehicle to your smartphone, triggering the powering off of your phone. This trigger is activated every time the vehicle is put into motion and is moving. That means that it does not matter if you forget to turn down your ringer, or you are using the phone while entering the car. As soon as you begin to accelerate and move into traffic, all cellular activity will cease, preventing you from being distracted when driving.

By paying more attention to the road, and the ongoings surrounding you, you are less likely to be the cause of an unintentional fender bender or a serious accident that often occurs when drivers are using their phone while simultaneously driving. Apple is creating comparable software, in which case the technology will be incorporated into their smartwatches, which means corporations believe in its’ effectiveness.

Portable Monitoring Gadgets That Collects Driving Data

In case you are not too welcoming of downloadable apps in order to control smartphone usage while driving, there are portable gadgets, such as Keys2SafeDriving, that operate in conjunction with your smartphone via Bluetooth-enabled technology. The gadgets not only performs the same functions as Android and iOS apps such as disallowing calls and texts, routing calls directly to voice mail and sending automated responses, it also collects driving data.

This allows parents of teens, and suspicious spouses, to monitor and regulate and generate reports concerning cell phone usage in the vehicle. So regardless of whether you want to restrict the usage of phones for the drivers of the car, or you want to effectively control the driving habits of the drivers, these types of gadgets can complement apps on your phones, such as Drive Beehive, True Motion, and  AT&T DriveMode, you can almost guarantee that the car will never be operated by a driver, whether you are in the car or not, who is distracted by use of their smartphone.