Understanding your car’s tyres: Right brands and types

In the market you will find thousands of varieties of tyres; so picking the right type of tyre for your car and individual driving needs may seem overwhelming. Buying a quality car and maintaining it properly is not just enough to keep it rolling along, you have to put the right type of tyres which will really make the difference.

Each tyre varies in its tread pattern, rubber mix, rolling resistance, grip and durability. It is important to understand your car’s tyres and choose a brand that fits your car and your pocket. Let us take a look at two tyre brands available and why they are considered the best.

Maxxis Tyres: One of the world’s top manufactures of tyres, Maxxis Tyres are designed to handle the toughest conditions. Since 1967, Maxxis has been producing highest quality tyres, in all categories, that remain the best in quality and performance. Being an original supplier to Ford, GM, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hyundai and Volkswagen and with a presence in 170 countries worldwide, Maxxis Tyres are often the preferred brand for tyre buyers around the globe for outstanding safety, durability and handling.

The tyres from Maxxis are specifically designed for cars that need extraordinary handling. Designed for optimum response, performance and stability, Maxxis tyres contain silica to reduce friction and increase mileage. Maxxis offers high performance tyres like PRO-R1and M-35 ASYMMET specifically designed for a great ride and upgraded handling. Tyres like M-36 Maxxis and MA-501 Maxxis enables excellent cornering and handling ability, and delivers superior traction both on wet and dry surfaces.

Hankook Tyres: Hankook tyres are constructed to be versatile in a variety of terrains and weather conditions, so that you feel comfortable and safe when you’re driving. For its excellent braking, superb handling, high mileage and outstanding performance, tyres from Hankook are often one of the most sought after tyres on the market.


Racecar tyres like Ventus F200 and Ventus Z207 are specifically designed for motorsports and they deliver high performance. Braking capability and drivability are top notch, making it a preferred of car tyre brand on the motorsports circuit.

Pirelli Tyres: Pirelli Tyres is a world leader in tyre technology, dedicated to developing the most advanced tyres and providing world-class customer service. Pirelli Tyres provide superb vehicle-road contact in all types of weather and also comes with ‘Runflat technology’ that allows the tyres to cover a distance of 80 km at 80 km/h even in the case of puncture. With a long legacy of racing success and motorsport competition, Pirelli is devoted to high performance, safety, technological advancement, and innovative product design.


Pirelli is one of the most recognized Italian brands worldwide, strengthened by the company’s involvement in F1 as official tyre supplier. Whether competing on the international race circuit or local circuits, Pirelli can be found at all types of racing venues around the world in addition to winning many different championships.

You put a lot of thought into buying the dream car you drive, but your tyres are just as important and it’s crucial you buy the right ones.