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1. Next-Generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure.
2. Rigid magnesium steering hanger beam mounts steering column and dashboard components.
3. Reinforced cabin with 1,500 MPa one-piece front door outer stiffener rings.
4. Reinforced roof structure.
5. New “3-Bone” platform with additional stiffeners.
6. Rigid tailgate opening ring with structural foam bulkheads applied at four locations.
DISCLAIMER: This publication contains a summary of new body and vehicle technology that may affect
collision and other body repairs. Always refer to the appropriate service and body repair manuals for complete
repair information. A subscription may be purchased at:
Applies To: 2014 MDX –ALL
Body Repair News
July 2013
2014 MDX: New Model Body Repair Information
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