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Audio System
The sound system in your NSX can
deliver excellent reception on both
the AM and FM bands.
The cassette system uses Dolby*
noise reduction to give excellent
sound reproduction on tapes that
were recorded using that feature.
The system can also sense when a
metal or chromium-dioxide (CrO2)
tape is being played, and adjusts
* Dolby noise reduction manufactured under
license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corpo-
ration. "DOLBY" and the doublc-D symbol
are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories
Licensing Corporation.
A trunk-mounted CD changer is
available as an option. See page
120 for CD changer operation.
Comfort and Convenience Features
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Audio SystemThe sound system in your NSX candeliver excellent reception on boththe AM and FM bands.The cassette system uses Dolby*noise reduction to give excellentsound reproduction on tapes thatwere recorded using that feature.The system can also sense when ametal or chromium-dioxide (CrO2)tape is being played, and adjustsaccordingly.* Dolby noise reduction manufactured underlicense from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corpo-ration. "DOLBY" and the doublc-D symbolare trademarks of Dolby LaboratoriesLicensing Corporation.A trunk-mounted CD changer isavailable as an option. See page120 for CD changer operation.Comfort and Convenience FeaturesON/OFFBUTTONVOLUMEDIALLOWMain MenuTable of Contents