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Audio System
Cassette Search Functions
You can use the preset buttons to
control tape movement while playing
a cassette. Six functions are
available: Fast forward. Rewind,
Repeat, Replay, Skip, and Scan.
Press to fast forward the tape.
Press to rewind the tape. To
stop fast forward or rewind, press
PLAY. Fast forward or rewind stops
automatically at the end of the tape.
The system reverses direction, then
begins to play.
Comfort and Convenience Features
Main Menu
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Audio SystemCassette Search FunctionsYou can use the preset buttons tocontrol tape movement while playinga cassette. Six functions areavailable: Fast forward. Rewind,Repeat, Replay, Skip, and Scan.Press to fast forward the tape.Press to rewind the tape. Tostop fast forward or rewind, pressPLAY. Fast forward or rewind stopsautomatically at the end of the tape.The system reverses direction, thenbegins to play.CONTINUEDComfort and Convenience FeaturesFAST FORWARDREWINDPLAYMain MenuTable of Contents