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Audio System
Operating the CD Changer
A trunk-mounted Compact Disc
changer is available for your car. It
holds up to six discs, providing
several hours of continuous program-
ming. You operate the CD changer
with the same controls used for the
radio and cassette player.
Load the desired CDs in the
magazine and load the magazine in
the changer according to the
instructions that came with the unit.
Play only standard round discs. Odd-
shaped CDs may jam in the drive or
cause other problems.
Turn on the audio system as
described previously. Press the AM/
FM button until "CD" appears in the
display. The selected disc (1 6) and
track, also displayed, will begin
When that disc ends, the next disc in
the magazine is loaded and played.
When disc 6 has completed, the
system will return to disc 1.
Comfort and Convenience Features
To start CD play
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Audio SystemOperating the CD Changer(Optional)A trunk-mounted Compact Discchanger is available for your car. Itholds up to six discs, providingseveral hours of continuous program-ming. You operate the CD changerwith the same controls used for theradio and cassette player.Load the desired CDs in themagazine and load the magazine inthe changer according to theinstructions that came with the unit.Play only standard round discs. Odd-shaped CDs may jam in the drive orcause other problems.Turn on the audio system asdescribed previously. Press the AM/FM button until "CD" appears in thedisplay. The selected disc (1 6) andtrack, also displayed, will beginplaying.When that disc ends, the next disc inthe magazine is loaded and played.When disc 6 has completed, thesystem will return to disc 1.Comfort and Convenience FeaturesTo start CD playTRACK NUMBERDISC NUMBERMain MenuTable of Contents