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Break-in Period, Gasoline
Break-in Period
Help assure your car's future
reliability and performance by paying
extra attention to how you drive
during the first 600 miles (1,000 km).
During this period:
Avoid full-throttle starts and rapid
Do not exceed 5,500 rpm for the
first 600 miles (1,000 km) of
Avoid hard braking. New brakes
need to be broken-in by moderate
use for the first 200 miles (300
Do not change the oil until the
recommended time or mileage
interval shown in the maintenance
You should follow these same re-
commendations with an overhauled
or exchanged engine, or when the
brakes are relined.
Your NSX is designed to operate on
premium unleaded gasoline with a
pump octane number of 91 or higher.
If you are unable to find premium
unleaded gasoline, you may substi-
tute an unleaded regular gasoline.
The engine will compensate for the
lower octane, but you may notice a
slight decrease in power as a result.
We recommend gasolines containing
detergent additives that help prevent
fuel system and engine deposits.
Using gasoline containing lead will
damage your car's emissions
controls. This contributes to air
In Canada, some gasolines contain
an octane-enhancing additive called
MMT. If you use such gasolines,
your emissions control system
performance may deteriorate and
the Malfunction Indicator Lamp on
your instrument panel may turn on.
If this happens, contact your
authorized Acura dealer for service.
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Break-in Period, GasolineBreak-in PeriodHelp assure your car's futurereliability and performance by payingextra attention to how you driveduring the first 600 miles (1,000 km).During this period:Avoid full-throttle starts and rapidacceleration.Do not exceed 5,500 rpm for thefirst 600 miles (1,000 km) ofoperation.Avoid hard braking. New brakesneed to be broken-in by moderateuse for the first 200 miles (300km).Do not change the oil until therecommended time or mileageinterval shown in the maintenanceschedule.You should follow these same re-commendations with an overhauledor exchanged engine, or when thebrakes are relined.GasolineYour NSX is designed to operate onpremium unleaded gasoline with apump octane number of 91 or higher.If you are unable to find premiumunleaded gasoline, you may substi-tute an unleaded regular gasoline.The engine will compensate for thelower octane, but you may notice aslight decrease in power as a result.We recommend gasolines containingdetergent additives that help preventfuel system and engine deposits.Using gasoline containing lead willdamage your car's emissionscontrols. This contributes to airpollution.In Canada, some gasolines containan octane-enhancing additive calledMMT. If you use such gasolines,your emissions control systemperformance may deteriorate andthe Malfunction Indicator Lamp onyour instrument panel may turn on.If this happens, contact yourauthorized Acura dealer for service.Before DrivingMain MenuTable of Contents