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Accessories and Modifications
Modifying your car, or installing
some non-Acura accessories, can
make your car unsafe. Before you
make any modifications or add any
accessories, be sure to read the
following information.
Your dealer has Genuine Acura
accessories that allow you to
personalize your car. These
accessories have been designed and
approved for your car, and are
covered by warranty.
Non-Acura accessories are usually
designed for universal applications.
Although aftermarket accessories
may fit on your car, they may not
meet factory specifications, and
could adversely affect your car's
handling and stability. (See
"Modifications" on the page 140 for
additional information.)
When properly installed, cellular
phones, alarms, two-way radios, and
low-powered audio systems should
not interfere with your car's
computer-controlled systems, such
as the SRS and anti-lock brake
However, if electronic accessories
are improperly installed, or exceed
your car's electrical system capacity,
they can interfere with the operation
of your car, or even cause the
airbags to deploy.
Before installing any accessory:
Make sure the accessory does not
obscure any lights, or interfere
with proper car operation or
Be sure electronic accessories do
not overload electrical circuits
(see page 266).
Have the installer contact your
Acura dealer for assistance before
installing any electronic accessory.
If possible, have your dealer inspect
the final installation.
Before Driving
Improper accessories or
modifications can affect your
car's handling, stability and
performance, and cause a
crash in which you can be hurt
or killed.
Follow all instructions in this
owner's manual regarding
accessories and modifications.
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Accessories and ModificationsModifying your car, or installingsome non-Acura accessories, canmake your car unsafe. Before youmake any modifications or add anyaccessories, be sure to read thefollowing information.AccessoriesYour dealer has Genuine Acuraaccessories that allow you topersonalize your car. Theseaccessories have been designed andapproved for your car, and arecovered by warranty.Non-Acura accessories are usuallydesigned for universal applications.Although aftermarket accessoriesmay fit on your car, they may notmeet factory specifications, andcould adversely affect your car'shandling and stability. (See"Modifications" on the page 140 foradditional information.)When properly installed, cellularphones, alarms, two-way radios, andlow-powered audio systems shouldnot interfere with your car'scomputer-controlled systems, suchas the SRS and anti-lock brakesystem.However, if electronic accessoriesare improperly installed, or exceedyour car's electrical system capacity,they can interfere with the operationof your car, or even cause theairbags to deploy.Before installing any accessory:Make sure the accessory does notobscure any lights, or interferewith proper car operation orperformance.Be sure electronic accessories donot overload electrical circuits(see page 266).Have the installer contact yourAcura dealer for assistance beforeinstalling any electronic accessory.If possible, have your dealer inspectthe final installation.Before DrivingImproper accessories ormodifications can affect yourcar's handling, stability andperformance, and cause acrash in which you can be hurtor killed.Follow all instructions in thisowner's manual regardingaccessories and modifications.Main MenuTable of Contents