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Carrying Cargo
Your car has several convenient
storage areas so you can stow cargo
The glove box, and the console
compartment are designed for small,
lightweight items. The trunk is
intended for larger, heavier items.
However, carrying too much cargo,
or improperly storing it, can affect
your car's handling, stability and
operation and make it unsafe. Before
carrying any type of cargo, be sure to
read the following pages.
Before Driving
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Carrying CargoYour car has several convenientstorage areas so you can stow cargosafely.The glove box, and the consolecompartment are designed for small,lightweight items. The trunk isintended for larger, heavier items.However, carrying too much cargo,or improperly storing it, can affectyour car's handling, stability andoperation and make it unsafe. Beforecarrying any type of cargo, be sure toread the following pages.Before DrivingTRUNKCONSOLE COMPARTMENTGLOVE BOXMain MenuTable of Contents