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Automatic Transmission
Your Acura's transmission has four
forward speeds, and is electronically
controlled for smoother shifting. It
also has a "lock-up" torque converter
for better fuel economy. You may
feel what seems like another shift
when the converter locks.
Shift Lever Position Indicator This display is in the tachometer. It
shows you the position of the
console shift lever. The illuminated
number next to the "M" indicator
shows you the gear you have
selected when selecting 3/M
The "D" indicator comes on for a
few seconds when you turn the
ignition switch ON (II). If it flashes
at any time (in any shift position), it
indicates a possible problem in the
transmission. Avoid rapid
acceleration and have the
transmission checked by an
authorized Acura dealer as soon as
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Automatic TransmissionYour Acura's transmission has fourforward speeds, and is electronicallycontrolled for smoother shifting. Italso has a "lock-up" torque converterfor better fuel economy. You mayfeel what seems like another shiftwhen the converter locks.Shift Lever Position Indicator This display is in the tachometer. Itshows you the position of theconsole shift lever. The illuminatednumber next to the "M" indicatorshows you the gear you haveselected when selecting 3/Mposition.The "D" indicator comes on for afew seconds when you turn theignition switch ON (II). If it flashesat any time (in any shift position), itindicates a possible problem in thetransmission. Avoid rapidacceleration and have thetransmission checked by anauthorized Acura dealer as soon aspossible.DrivingMain MenuTable of Contents