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The Braking System
Brake System Design
The hydraulic system that operates
the brakes has two separate circuits.
Each circuit works diagonally across
the car (the left-front brake is
connected with the right-rear brake,
etc.). If one circuit should develop a
problem, you will still have braking
at two wheels.
Anti-lock Brakes
Your car has an Anti-lock Brake
System (ABS) as standard
equipment. ABS helps to prevent the
wheels from locking up and skidding
during hard braking, allowing you to
retain steering control.
When the front tires skid, you lose
steering control; the car continues
straight ahead even though you turn
the steering wheel. The ABS helps to
prevent lock-up and helps you retain
steering control by pumping the
brakes rapidly; much faster than a
person can do it.
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The Braking SystemBrake System DesignThe hydraulic system that operatesthe brakes has two separate circuits.Each circuit works diagonally acrossthe car (the left-front brake isconnected with the right-rear brake,etc.). If one circuit should develop aproblem, you will still have brakingat two wheels.Anti-lock BrakesYour car has an Anti-lock BrakeSystem (ABS) as standardequipment. ABS helps to prevent thewheels from locking up and skiddingduring hard braking, allowing you toretain steering control.When the front tires skid, you losesteering control; the car continuesstraight ahead even though you turnthe steering wheel. The ABS helps toprevent lock-up and helps you retainsteering control by pumping thebrakes rapidly; much faster than aperson can do it.CONTINUEDFrontDrivingMain MenuTable of Contents