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Owner Maintenance Checks
You should check the following
items at the specified intervals. If
you are unsure of how to perform
any check, turn to the page given.
Engine oil level Check every
time you fill the fuel tank. See
page 133.
Engine coolant level Check the
expansion tank every time yon fill
the fuel tank. See page 135.
Windshield washer fluid Check
the level in the reservoir monthly.
If weather conditions cause you to
use the washers frequently, check
the reservoir each time you stop
for fuel. See page 192.
Automatic transmission Check
the fluid level monthly. See page
Brakes and clutch Check the
fluid level monthly. See page 195.
Tires Check the tire pressure
monthly. Examine the tread for
wear and foreign objects. See page
Lights Check the operation of
the headlights, parking lights,
taillights, high-mount brake light,
turn signals, brake lights, and
license plate lights monthly. See
page 216.
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Owner Maintenance ChecksYou should check the followingitems at the specified intervals. Ifyou are unsure of how to performany check, turn to the page given.Engine oil level Check everytime you fill the fuel tank. Seepage 133.Engine coolant level Check theexpansion tank every time yon fillthe fuel tank. See page 135.Windshield washer fluid Checkthe level in the reservoir monthly.If weather conditions cause you touse the washers frequently, checkthe reservoir each time you stopfor fuel. See page 192.Automatic transmission Checkthe fluid level monthly. See page193.Brakes and clutch Check thefluid level monthly. See page 195.Tires Check the tire pressuremonthly. Examine the tread forwear and foreign objects. See page209.Lights Check the operation ofthe headlights, parking lights,taillights, high-mount brake light,turn signals, brake lights, andlicense plate lights monthly. Seepage 216.MaintenanceMain MenuTable of Contents