Acura NSX 2001 Owners Manual PDF | Page 294

Authorized Manuals
Purchasing Factory Authorized Manuals
(U.S. only)
The following publications covering the operation and
servicing of your car can be obtained from Helm
Incorporated, either by filling out the attached form or,
for credit card holders, calling the toll-free phone number
on the form. For manuals prior to the year shown below,
contact Helm Incorporated, P.O. Box 07280, Detroit,
Michigan 48207, or call 1-800-782-4356.
Valid only for sales within the U.S. Canadian owners should
contact their authorized Acura dealer.
By completing this form you can order the materials desired. You can
pay by check or money order, or charge to your credit card. Mail to
Helm Incorporated at the address shown on the back of the order form.
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