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Accessories Precautions
The GPS antenna is located in the dashboard. Metallic front or side window tinting can seriously degrade or obstruct GPS reception.
Signal noise from devices such as radar detectors, vehicle tracking devices, remote starters, and additional amplifiers can disrupt the navigation system. If you
install any such item, install it away from the navigation display and antenna.
Important Safety Information
Avoid focusing on the screen or manually operating the system controls while driving.
Enter information before you begin driving or when stopped. As you drive, listen to the audible instructions and use voice commands when possible. Pull to the
side of the road if you need more time to look at the screen or operate the controls.
Route guidance may conflict with street closures, road construction, detours, and out-of-date map data.
The system itself may also have limitations. Verify route information by carefully observing roads, signs, and signals. Always use your own judgment and obey
traffic laws.
System Limitations P. 224
Clean the screen with a soft, damp cloth. You may use a mild cleaner intended for use on navigation screens.
Using the navigation system while driving can take your
attention away from the road, causing a crash in which you
could be seriously injured or killed.
Only operate system controls when the conditions permit you
to safely do so.
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