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Alfa 156 Clutch Bleeding
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Alfa 156 Clutch Bleeding
Not a big job, but can be slow as the air intake and battery are in the way.
You will need:
? Super Dot 4 Brake Fluid (alternatively 5.1)
? Bleeding kit or rubber pipes and bottle to catch excess fluid.
? A willing helper. **
** I?ll explain why later.
The clutch on the 156 is hydraulic and the feed for the fluid is the brake master cylinder.
Access is pretty limited unless you remove the battery and battery tray, and possibly the air-
intake pipework.
Notice the feedpipe that goes into the top of the gearbox. This is held in place by a spring
clip. There should be a small rubber dust cap covering the bleed nipple just to the left of it
(looking from the front). There might be a plate covering the bleed nipple .. remove it if you
have one, but don?t lose it.
The bleed nipple is not the same as the one you find one the brakes ... this one does not turn.
So don?t try! To release the fluid you have to pull the feed pipe out slightly (but not yet!).
Take off the rubber cap and put your brake bleed pipe on this. Drop the other end in a bottle
or jar with clean brake fluid.