Dear Client,
Thank you for choosing Alfa Romeo.
Alfa 166 has been designed to guarantee the safety, comfort and driving pleasure typical of Alfa
This booklet will help you to get to know the characteristics and operation of your vehicle.
The following pages contain all the indications necessary for you to be able to maintain the high standards of
performance, quality, safety and respect for the environment which characterise this
Alfa 166.
The Warranty Booklet also contains the regulations, the warranty certificate and a guide to the services offered by
Alfa Romeo - services which are essential and precious because, when you purchase an Alfa Romeo you are not
only acquiring a car, but the tranquillity that comes from knowing that an efficient, willing and widespread orga-
nization is at your service for any assistance problems you may have.
What?s more every single component of the
Alfa 166 is fully recyclable. At the end of your car?s useful
lifespan any Alfa Romeo dealer would be pleased to make arrangements for your car to be recycled and nature
benefits in two ways: there?s no pollution from waste disposal, and the demand for raw materials is reduced.
Have a good trip.
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