Audi 200 Known Issues PDF

Audi 200/100 Turbo.
Petrol smell whilst driving (Sometimes
accompanied by a ticking noise.)
This is a very common problem for 5 cylinder turbo charged
Audi?s. The symptoms are usually the following, immediately after start-
up there is a strong smell of petrol in the cabin and a loud ticking noise
from under the bonnet. The smell might also be evident when the engine
is warm when accelerating hard or climbing steep hills. Another problem
this fault can cause is poor acceleration at times and normal/good
acceleration at others.
Warped or cracked exhaust manifold, broken exhaust manifold
There have been many theses given as to why this happens. Some
say that it is simply poor metallurgy on Audi?s part, thus at high
temperatures the manifold tries to expand and can not do so, so instead
warps and breaks the manifold studs or cracks the manifold itself or both.
Another theory is that it is caused by worn or unserviceable
gearbox/engine mounts. The idea behind this is that the exhaust down
pipe becomes closer to the front cross member and during acceleration/
deceleration or over rough ground the down pipes hit the cross member
and the resulting shock causes all of the damage.
My theory? Quite honestly I don?t know!!! The simple fact is Audi
spent a lot of time and money designing and developing this car but even
clever people make mistakes. Also I have fixed around two dozen exhaust
manifolds and of these only 4 had bad engine or gearbox mounts!
To put it straight if the mounting are worn on the O/S of the engine
then replace them whilst the exhaust is out of the way!
Firstly disconnect the earth lead of the battery (As you will be
working over the top of both the starter motor and the alternator) make
sure you have the codes for stereos etc first, or use a memory saver