Buick LaCrosse 2006 Misc Documents Fact Sheet PDF

The world doesn’t need another midsize
sedan. It needs a better one. Which is why
there’s the Buick
LaCrosse™ — created to
feel unlike any other car in its class. Inside
and out, craftsmanship prevails and ingenu-
ity abounds. The fit and finish will compete
with European luxury sedans. The available
240-hp, 3.6 liter VVT V6 is one of the most
advanced engines in the world. The suspen-
sion produces a ride that’s smooth, yet
makes handling crisp, tight and controlled.
LaCrosse wasn’t created merely to equal. It
was created to surpass.
Buick LaCrosse shown in Black Onyx with optional equipment.
2006 BUICK
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