2005 Buick ParkAvenue Owners Manual PDF | Page 108

Erasing HomeLink
To erase programming from the three buttons do
the following:
1. Press and hold down the two outside buttons until
the indicator light begins to ?ash, after 20 seconds.
2. Release both buttons. Do not hold for longer than
30 seconds.
is now in the train (learning) mode and can
be programmed at any time beginning with Step 2
under ?Programming HomeLink
Individual buttons can not be erased, but they can be
reprogrammed. See ?Reprogramming a Single
Button? next.
Reprogramming a Single
To program a device to HomeLink
using a HomeLink
button previously trained, follow these steps:
1. Press and hold the desired HomeLink
button. Do
not release the button.
2. The indicator light will begin to ?ash after
20 seconds. While still holding the HomeLink
button, proceed with Step 2 under
?Programming HomeLink
Resetting Defaults
To reset HomeLink
to default settings do the following:
1. Hold down the two outside buttons for about
20 seconds until the indicator light begins to ?ash.
2. Continue to hold both buttons until the HomeLink
indicator light turns off.
3. Release both buttons.
For questions or comments, contact HomeLink
1-800-355-3515, or on the internet at www.homelink.com.
Storage Areas
Glove Box
To open the glove box, lift up on the lever. Use your
ignition key to lock or unlock it. The glove box has a
light inside.