2005 Buick ParkAvenue Owners Manual PDF | Page 112

Open: Press and hold the switch rearward to the ?rst
position to open the glass panel and sunshade. The
sunshade can also be opened manually.
Comfort Stop: Press and release the switch rearward
to the second position to express open the glass
panel to the comfort stop position. The comfort stop
position is designed to help reduce outside noise.
Express Open: When the glass panel is express
opening, pressing the switch in any direction will stop it
in a partially-opened position. The glass panel may
be fully opened by pressing the switch rearward again.
If the switch is pressed and held in an express open
position for more than one and a half seconds, the
express open operation will be overridden and
the sunroof will operate manually.
Close: To close the glass panel, press and hold the
switch forward. As the glass panel reaches the closed
position, it will open slightly toward the vent position and
then drop down to the closed position. The sunshade
must be closed manually.
Vent: Once the sunroof is closed, it can be opened to
the vent position by pushing the switch upward. To
close the glass panel, pull the switch downward. The
sunshade must be opened and closed manually.
Vehicle Personalization
Memory Seat and Mirrors
If your vehicle has this
feature, the controls are
located on the driver?s door
panel, and are used to
program and recall
memory settings for the
driver?s seating, outside
mirror positions and
climate controls. See
Climate Controls
on page 3-31 for
more information.
To save your seat and mirror positions into memory,
use the following procedure:
1. First identify the DRIVER # on the Driver
Information Center (DIC) by pressing the MEMORY
button 1 or 2 or by pressing the unlock button on
the remote keyless entry transmitter. See Driver
Information Center (DIC) on page 3-46.