2005 Buick ParkAvenue Owners Manual PDF | Page 223

Things you put inside your vehicle can strike
and injure people in a sudden stop or turn, or
in a crash.
? Put things in the trunk of your vehicle. In a
trunk, put them as far forward as you can.
Try to spread the weight evenly.
? Never stack heavier things, like suitcases,
inside the vehicle so that some of them
are above the tops of the seats.
? Do not leave an unsecured child restraint
in your vehicle.
? When you carry something inside the
vehicle, secure it whenever you can.
Automatic Level Control
This feature keeps the rear of your vehicle level as the
load changes. It is automatic, you do not need to
adjust anything.
Towing Your Vehicle
Consult your dealer or a professional towing service if
you need to have your disabled vehicle towed. See
Roadside Assistance Program on page 7-6.
If you want to tow your vehicle behind another vehicle
for recreational purposes (such as behind a motorhome),
see ?Recreational Vehicle Towing? following.
Recreational Vehicle Towing
Recreational vehicle towing means towing your vehicle
behind another vehicle ? such as behind a motorhome.
The two most common types of recreational vehicle
towing are known as ?dinghy towing? (towing your vehicle
with all four wheels on the ground) and ?dolly towing?
(towing your vehicle with two wheels on the ground and
two wheels up on a device known as a ?dolly?).
With the proper preparation and equipment, many
vehicles can be towed in these ways. See ?Dinghy
Towing? and ?Dolly Towing,? following.