2005 Buick ParkAvenue Owners Manual PDF | Page 322

Vehicle Care/Appearance Materials
See your GM dealer for more information on purchasing
the following products.
Description Usage
Polishing Cloth
Interior and exterior
polishing cloth.
Tar and Road
Oil Remover
Removes tar, road oil
and asphalt.
Chrome Cleaner
and Polish
Use on chrome or
stainless steel.
White Sidewall
Tire Cleaner
Removes soil and black
marks from whitewalls.
Vinyl Cleaner
Cleans vinyl tops,
upholstery and
convertible tops.
Glass Cleaner
Removes dirt, grime,
smoke and ?ngerprints.
Chrome and Wire
Wheel Cleaner
Removes dirt and grime
from chrome wheels and
wire wheel covers.
Finish Enhancer
Removes dust,
?ngerprints, and surface
contaminants. Spray on
wipe off.
Description Usage
Swirl Remover Polish
Removes swirl marks, ?ne
scratches and other light
surface contamination.
Cleaner Wax
Removes light scratches
and protects ?nish.
Foaming Tire Shine
Low Gloss
Cleans, shines and
protects in one easy step,
no wiping necessary.
Wash Wax Concentrate
Medium foaming
shampoo. Cleans and
lightly waxes.
Biodegradable and
phosphate free.
Spot Lifter
Quickly and easily
removes spots and stains
from carpets, vinyl and
cloth upholstery.
Odor Eliminator
Odorless spray odor
eliminator used on fabrics,
vinyl, leather and carpet.
See your General Motors parts department for these
products. See Part D: Recommended Fluids and
Lubricants on page 6-25.

2005 Buick ParkAvenue Owners Manual Summary of Content

Vehicle Care/Appearance MaterialsSee your GM dealer for more information on purchasingthe following products.Description UsagePolishing ClothWax-TreatedInterior and exteriorpolishing cloth.Tar and RoadOil RemoverRemoves tar, road oiland asphalt.Chrome Cleanerand PolishUse on chrome orstainless steel.White SidewallTire CleanerRemoves soil and blackmarks from whitewalls.Vinyl CleanerCleans vinyl tops,upholstery andconvertible tops.Glass CleanerRemoves dirt, grime,smoke and ngerprints.Chrome and WireWheel CleanerRemoves dirt and grimefrom chrome wheels andwire wheel covers.Finish EnhancerRemoves dust,ngerprints, and surfacecontaminants. Spray onwipe off.Description UsageSwirl Remover PolishRemoves swirl marks, nescratches and other lightsurface contamination.Cleaner WaxRemoves light scratchesand protects nish.Foaming Tire ShineLow GlossCleans, shines andprotects in one easy step,no wiping necessary.Wash Wax ConcentrateMedium foamingshampoo. Cleans andlightly waxes.Biodegradable andphosphate free.Spot LifterQuickly and easilyremoves spots and stainsfrom carpets, vinyl andcloth upholstery.Odor EliminatorOdorless spray odoreliminator used on fabrics,vinyl, leather and carpet.See your General Motors parts department for theseproducts. See Part D: Recommended Fluids andLubricants on page 6-25.5-90