2005 Buick ParkAvenue Owners Manual PDF | Page 86

Starting and Operating
Your Vehicle
New Vehicle Break-In
Notice: Your vehicle does not need an elaborate
?break-in.? But it will perform better in the long run
if you follow these guidelines:
? Do not drive at any one speed ? fast or
slow ? for the ?rst 500 miles (805 km). Do not
make full-throttle starts.
? Avoid making hard stops for the ?rst 200 miles
(322 km) or so. During this time your new
brake linings are not yet broken in. Hard stops
with new linings can mean premature wear
and earlier replacement. Follow this
breaking-in guideline every time you get new
brake linings.
? Do not tow a trailer during break-in. See Towing
a Trailer on page 4-37 for more information.
Ignition Positions
With the key in the ignition switch, you can turn to ?ve
different positions.
A (ACCESSORY): In this position you can operate your
electrical accessories. Press in the ignition key as you
turn the top of it toward you.
B (LOCK): This is the only position from which you can
remove the key. This position locks your ignition and
transaxle. It is a theft-deterrent feature.