2009 Cadillac DTS Owners Manual PDF | Page 140

The vehicle may have a power sunroof.
The switches that operate
the sunroof are located on
the overhead console.
To open or close the sunroof, the ignition must be
turned to ON/RUN or Retained Accessory Power (RAP)
must be active. See Retained Accessory Power
(RAP) on page 2-26.
Express Open: The express open feature will operate
from the closed or partially open position. To express
open the power sunroof, fully press the driver side
switch rearward once. To stop the sunroof glass in a
desired position other than to the express-open position,
press the switch again, in either direction, to stop the
movement. If the sunshade is in the closed position, it
will open with the sunroof, or it can be opened manually.
Vent Open: From the closed position, press and hold
the passenger side switch forward to vent the sunroof.
The rear of the sunroof panel will tilt upward to the
full vent position. The sunshade must be opened
Close: To close the sunroof, operate the controls
according to one of the following:
? From the open position, press and hold the driver
side sunroof switch forward. The sunshade must
be closed manually.
? From the vent position, press and hold the
passenger side sunroof switch rearward.