2009 Cadillac DTS Owners Manual PDF | Page 207

Here are a few situations that may occur with the fuel
gage. All of these situations are normal and do not
indicate that anything is wrong with the fuel gage:
? At the gas station the gas pump shuts off before the
gage reads full.
? The gage may change when the vehicle is turning,
stops quickly or accelerates quickly.
? It takes a little more or less fuel to ?ll the tank
than the gage indicated. For example, the gage
may have indicated that the tank was half full,
but it actually took a little more or less than half
the tank?s capacity to ?ll the tank.
Driver Information Center (DIC)
The Driver Information Center (DIC) gives you the status
of many of your vehicle?s systems. The DIC is also used
to display warning/status messages. All messages will
appear in the DIC display located at the bottom of the
instrument panel cluster, below the tachometer and
speedometer. The DIC buttons are located on the
instrument panel, to the left of the steering wheel.
The DIC comes on when the ignition is on. After a short
delay, the DIC will display the information that was
last displayed before the engine was turned off.
The top line of the DIC display shows the vehicle
system information and the warning/status messages.
The bottom line of the DIC display shows the odometer
on the left side. The bottom line of the DIC display
also shows a digital speedometer on the right side.
If a problem is detected, a warning message will appear
on the display. Be sure to take any message that
appears on the display seriously and remember that
clearing the message will only make the message
disappear, not correct the problem.