2009 Cadillac DTS Owners Manual PDF | Page 398

Vehicle Identi?cation
Vehicle Identi?cation Number (VIN)
This is the legal identi?er for the vehicle. It appears on a
plate in the front corner of the instrument panel, on the
driver side. It can be seen through the windshield from
outside the vehicle. The VIN also appears on the Vehicle
Certi?cation and Service Parts labels and the certi?cates
of title and registration.
Engine Identi?cation
The eighth character in the VIN is the engine code. This
code helps identify the vehicle?s engine, speci?cations,
and replacement parts. See ?Engine Speci?cations?
under Capacities and Speci?cations on page 5-103 for
the vehicle?s engine code.
Service Parts Identi?cation Label
This label is on the spare tire cover. It is very helpful if
parts need to be ordered. The label has the following
? Vehicle Identi?cation Number (VIN)
? Model designation
? Paint information
? Production options and special equipment
Do not remove this label from the vehicle.
Electrical System
Add-On Electrical Equipment
Notice: Do not add anything electrical to the vehicle
unless you check with your dealer/retailer ?rst. Some
electrical equipment can damage the vehicle and
the damage would not be covered by the vehicle?s
warranty. Some add-on electrical equipment can
keep other components from working as they should.
Add-on equipment can drain the vehicle battery, even if
the vehicle is not operating.