2009 Cadillac DTS Owners Manual PDF | Page 410

Maintenance Schedule
Important: Keep engine oil at the proper level and
change as recommended.
Have you purchased the GM Protection Plan? The Plan
supplements the vehicle warranties. See the Warranty
and Owner Assistance booklet or your dealer/retailer
for details.
Maintenance Requirements
Notice: Maintenance intervals, checks, inspections,
replacement parts, and recommended ?uids and
lubricants as prescribed in this manual are
necessary to keep this vehicle in good working
condition. Any damage caused by failure to follow
scheduled maintenance might not be covered by the
vehicle warranty.
Your Vehicle and the Environment
Proper vehicle maintenance not only helps to keep
the vehicle in good working condition, but also helps
the environment. All recommended maintenance
is important. Improper vehicle maintenance can even
affect the quality of the air we breathe. Improper
?uid levels or the wrong tire in?ation can increase the
level of emissions from the vehicle. To help protect
the environment, and to keep the vehicle in good
condition, be sure to maintain the vehicle properly.
Using the Maintenance Schedule
We want to help keep this vehicle in good working
condition. But we do not know exactly how you will drive
it. You might drive very short distances only a few
times a week. Or you might drive long distances all the
time in very hot, dusty weather. You might use the
vehicle in making deliveries. Or you might drive
it to work, to do errands, or in many other ways.
Because of all the different ways people use their
vehicles, maintenance needs vary. You might need more
frequent checks and replacements. So please read
the following and note how you drive. If you have any
questions on how to keep the vehicle in good condition,
see your dealer/retailer.