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Theft System
The Universal Theft Deterrent (UTD) anti-theft system is designed to deter vehicle theft by pulsing horns and/or
exterior lights when unauthorized vehicle entry is detected. The UTD is an internal function of BCM, utilizing
PASS-Key(R), serial data and various switch inputs. PCM controls fuel enable circuit. BCM must exchange a
unique password with PCM to allow fuel enable. If BCM detects an illegal intrusion, BCM will disable
cranking and PCM will not enable fuel delivery. UTD system interacts with Remote Function Actuation (RFA).
For more information on remote transmitter and RFA system, see KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM article.
System components include door ajar switches, hatch ajar switch, door lock cylinder switches, power lock
switches, hood ajar switch (export only), key in ignition switch, BCM and relays.
PASS-Key(R) system is designed to prevent vehicle theft. If incorrect key is used, steering column is not
unlocked and engine's fuel system and starter are disabled. An ignition key with a specific electrical resistance
must be used in ignition key lock cylinder. PASS-Key(R) system operates using sensing contacts which are
located in ignition key lock cylinder. These contact a key resistor pellet which is located on the ignition key.
When lock is rotated, battery voltage is applied through appropriate fuse to Body Control Module (BCM).
Pellet resistance is then compared with programmed value in BCM non-volatile memory. There are 15 different
resistances available. PASS-Key(R) system also disarms UTD system from armed or alarmed mode. If an
invalid key is detected, system will disable fuel and cranking for 3 minutes. If a key is inserted or ignition
switch is turned before 3 minutes has elapsed, timer will reset to 3 minutes. Disconnecting battery or removing
fuses will not disable timer.
BCM controls steering column lock/unlock function. Ground is supplied by BCM through ignition switch to
revent locking with key in ignition. BCM monitors lock position to assure lock command has been
accomplished. If BCM is unable to determine lock position, BCM will enter fail enable mode and prevent
column lock operation and fuel enable. To clear fail enable mode, disconnect BCM fuse No. 25 for 15 seconds.
System components include ignition key, ignition key lock cylinder, electronic steering column lock module,
theft deterrent relay, BCM and PCM.
WARNING: Deactivate air bag system before performing any service operation. See
AIR BAG RESTRAINT SYSTEM article. Do not apply electrical power to
any component on steering column without first deactivating air bag
system. Air bag may deploy.
1998 Chevrolet Corvette
ANTI-THEFT SYSTEM 1998 ACCESSORIES & EQUIPMENT General Motors Corp. - Anti-Theft System
1998 Chevrolet Corvette
ANTI-THEFT SYSTEM 1998 ACCESSORIES & EQUIPMENT General Motors Corp. - Anti-Theft System
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