Corvette C6 2009 Owners Manual PDF

Automatic Dimming Rearview Mirror
The vehicle may have an automatic dimming inside
rearview mirror with a compass display and/or
map lamps, and OnStar
. If the vehicle has OnStar,
there are three control buttons located at the bottom of
the mirror. See OnStar
System on page 2-41 for
more information on the services OnStar
Automatic Dimming Mirror Operation
The mirror automatically changes to reduce glare
from headlamps behind you. A time delay feature
prevents rapid changing from the day to night positions
while driving under lights and through traffic.
P (On/Off): The automatic dimming feature is activated
when the vehicle is started. Press and hold this button
for up to six seconds to turn this feature on or off.
T (Indicator Light): This light turns on when the
automatic dimming feature is active.
Map Lamps
If the mirror has map lamps, they are located at the
bottom of the mirror. To manually turn the lamps on or
off, press the button next to each lamp.
Cleaning the Mirror
Do not spray glass cleaner directly on the mirror. Use a
soft towel dampened with water.
Compass Operation
With the compass feature on, each time the vehicle is
started, the compass will take a few seconds to adjust
and display the current compass heading. For example,
NE is displayed for north-east.