Corvette C6 2009 Owners Manual PDF

OnStar Virtual Advisor
OnStar Virtual Advisor is a feature of OnStar Hands-Free
Calling that uses minutes to access location-based
weather, local traffic reports, and stock quotes. Press
the phone button and give a few simple voice commands
to browse through the various topics. See the OnStar
Owner’s Guide for more information. This feature is only
available in the continental U.S.
OnStar Steering Wheel Controls
This vehicle may have a Talk/Mute button that can be
used to interact with OnStar Hands-Free Calling.
See Audio Steering Wheel Controls on page 3-108 for
more information.
On some vehicles, the mute button can be used to dial
numbers into voice mail systems, or to dial phone
extensions. See the OnStar Owner’s Guide for more
How OnStar Service Works
The OnStar system can record and transmit vehicle
information. This information is automatically sent to an
OnStar Call Center when the OnStar button is pressed,
the emergency button is pressed, or if the airbags or
AACN system deploy. This information usually includes
the vehicle’s GPS location and, in the event of a crash,
additional information regarding the crash that the vehicle
was involved in (e.g. the direction from which the vehicle
was hit). When the Virtual Advisor feature of OnStar
Hands-Free Calling is used, the vehicle also sends
OnStar the vehicle’s GPS location so they can provide
services where it is located.
OnStar service cannot work unless the vehicle is in a
place where OnStar has an agreement with a wireless
service provider for service in that area. OnStar service
also cannot work unless the vehicle is in a place where
the wireless service provider OnStar has hired for that
area has coverage, network capacity and reception when
the service is needed, and technology that is compatible
with the OnStar service. Not all services are available
everywhere, particularly in remote or enclosed areas, or
at all times.