Corvette C6 2009 Owners Manual PDF

Erasing Universal Home Remote
The programmed buttons should be erased when the
vehicle is sold or the lease ends.
To erase either Rolling Code or Fixed Code on the
Universal Home Remote device:
1. Press and hold the two outside buttons at the
same time for approximately 20 seconds, until
the indicator lights, located directly above the
buttons, begin to blink rapidly.
2. Once the indicator lights begin to blink, release both
buttons. The codes from all buttons are erased.
For help or information on the Universal Home Remote
System, call the customer assistance phone number
under Customer Assistance Offices on page 7-6.
Storage Areas
Glove Box
Open the glove box by lifting up on the lever. Use the
key to lock and unlock the lighted glove box.
Two cupholders are located on the center console next
to the shift lever. Slide the handle from the left to the
right side to access the lid.
Center Console Storage
To use this storage area, pull the cover up on the driver
side front edge of the console and swing it to the
passenger side.