Corvette C6 2009 Owners Manual PDF

Roof Panel
On vehicles with a removable roof panel, follow the
procedures when removing or installing it.
Removing the Roof Panel
Do not try to remove a roof panel while the vehicle
is moving. Trying to remove the roof panel while
the vehicle is moving could cause an accident.
The panel could fall into the vehicle and cause
you to lose control, or it could fly off and strike
another vehicle. You or others could be injured.
Remove the roof panel only when the vehicle is
Until you are sure you can remove the panel alone,
have someone help you.
Notice: If you drop or rest a roof panel on its
edges, the roof panel, paint and/or weatherstripping
may be damaged. Always place the roof panel in
the stowage receivers after removing it from
the vehicle.
1. Park on a level surface and set the parking brake.
Shift an automatic transmission into P (Park). Shift
a manual transmission into N (Neutral).
2. Make sure the ignition is off.
3. Lower both sun visors.
4. Open the rear hatch and remove any items that
may interfere with proper storage of the roof
5. Lower the windows.
There are two release latches on the front of the
roof panel and one rear release latch on the back of
the roof panel.