Corvette C6 2009 Owners Manual PDF

Ashtray(s) and Cigarette Lighter
The ashtray and cigarette lighter are located on the
instrument panel, in front of the shift lever. To use the
ashtray, press on the indentation at the top of the door.
Notice: If papers, pins, or other flammable items
are put in the ashtray, hot cigarettes or other
smoking materials could ignite them and possibly
damage the vehicle. Never put flammable items
in the ashtray.
Loose objects, such as paper clips, can lodge behind
and beneath the ashtray lid and prevent movement
of the lid. You should avoid putting small, loose objects
near the ashtray.
To use the cigarette lighter, push it in all the way and let
go. When it is ready, it will pop back out by itself.
Notice: Holding a cigarette lighter in while it is
heating does not let the lighter back away from
the heating element when it is hot. Damage from
overheating can occur to the lighter or heating
element, or a fuse could be blown. Do not hold
a cigarette lighter in while it is heating.
Climate Controls
Dual Automatic Climate Control
With this system the heating, cooling, and ventilation
can be controlled.
A. Driver Temperature
B. Display
C. Passenger
Temperature Control
E. Recirculation
F. Air Conditioning
G. Fan Control
H. Air Delivery Mode
I. Defrost
J. Rear Window