Corvette C6 2009 Owners Manual PDF

Boost Gage (ZR1 Only)
For vehicles that have this gage, it is located near the
driver side of the instrument panel cluster.
This gage indicates vacuum during light to moderate
throttle and boost under heavier throttle.
It displays the air pressure level in the intake manifold
before it enters the engine’s combustion chamber.
The gage is automatically centered at zero every time
the engine is started. Actual vacuum or boost is displayed
from this zero point. Changes in ambient pressure,
such as driving in mountains and changing weather,
will slightly change the zero reading.
Driver Information Center (DIC)
The Driver Information Center (DIC) display is located
on the instrument panel cluster and shows driver
personalization features and warning/status messages.
The DIC buttons are located on the instrument panel,
to the right of the cluster.
The DIC comes on when the ignition is turned on.
After displaying CORVETTE BY CHEVROLET, the DIC
shows the information that was last displayed before
the engine was turned off.
If a problem is detected, a warning message appears
on the DIC display. See DIC Warnings and Messages
on page 3-56 for more information.
DIC Operation and Displays
Depending on the features on the vehicle, the drive
gear may display on the DIC. See “Manual Paddle Shift”
under Automatic Transmission Operation on page 2-26
and “Head-Up Display (HUD)” in the index of the
Navigation system manual for more information.
The Driver Information Center (DIC) has different modes
which can be accessed by pressing the following buttons
located on the instrument panel, to the right of the
instrument panel cluster.
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