Corvette C6 2009 Owners Manual PDF

4. Pull the bulb straight out to remove it from the
5. Push the new bulb in the bulb socket until it snaps
into place.
6. Reinstall the lamp assembly by first lining up the
tabs on the bottom of the lamp assembly with the
tabs in the vehicle, then slide it in.
7. Replace the screw at the top of the lamp assembly.
Replacement Bulbs
Exterior Lamp Bulb Number
Front Parking/Turn
Signal/Daytime Running
Lamp (DRL)
Headlamp, High-Beam Lamp H9
Sidemarker Lamp W3W
Signal Lamp 3057KX
For replacement bulbs not listed here, contact your
Windshield Replacement
The windshield is part of the Head-Up Display (HUD)
system. If you ever have to get the windshield replaced,
get one that is designed for HUD or the HUD image
may look out of focus.
Windshield Wiper Blade
Windshield wiper blades should be inspected for wear
and cracking. See Scheduled Maintenance on page 6-4
for more information.
Replacement blades come in different types and are
removed in different ways. For the proper type and
length, see Maintenance Replacement Parts on
page 6-14.
It is a good idea to clean or replace the wiper blade
assembly every six months. Allowing the wiper blade arm
to touch the windshield when no wiper blade is installed
could damage the windshield. Any damage that occurs
would not be covered by the vehicle’s warranty. Do not
allow the wiper blade arm to touch the windshield.