Corvette C6 2009 Owners Manual PDF

The vehicle, when new, had run-flat tires. This type of tire
can operate effectively with no air pressure, so you will
not need to stop on the side of the road to change a flat
tire. You can just keep on driving. The shorter the
distance you drive and the slower the speed, the greater
the chance that the run-flat tire will not have to be
replaced. Run-flat tires perform so well without any air
that a Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) is used to
alert you if a tire has lost pressure. See Run-Flat Tires
on page 5-69 and Tire Pressure Monitor System on
page 5-73.
Special tools and procedures are required to
service a run-flat tire. If these special tools and
procedures are not used you or others could be
injured and the vehicle could be damaged. Always
be sure the proper tools and procedures, as
described in the service manual, are used.
To order a service manual, see Service Publications
Ordering Information on page 7-16.
Appearance Care
Interior Cleaning
The vehicle’s interior will continue to look its best if it is
cleaned often. Although not always visible, dust and dirt
can accumulate on the upholstery. Dirt can damage
carpet, fabric, leather, and plastic surfaces. Regular
vacuuming is recommended to remove particles from the
upholstery. It is important to keep the upholstery from
becoming and remaining heavily soiled. Soils should be
removed as quickly as possible. The vehicle’s interior
may experience extremes of heat that could cause stains
to set rapidly.
Lighter colored interiors may require more frequent
cleaning. Use care because newspapers and garments
that transfer color to home furnishings may also transfer
color to the vehicle’s interior.