Corvette C6 2009 Owners Manual PDF

Express-Down Window
Press the front of the switch to the second position to
activate the express-down feature. If you want to stop the
window as it is lowering, press the switch again.
Window Indexing
This feature automatically lowers the window a small
amount when the door is opened. When the door is
closed, the window will raise to its full up position. If either
window does not index properly, it could be due to loss of
power. Before returning to your dealer/retailer for service,
perform the power window initialize procedure.
Power Window Initialize
After a power reconnect such as battery replacement,
the window index-up feature will not function until
the system is initialized.
Once power is restored:
1. Close the door.
2. Raise the window and hold the switch up for
three seconds after the window is closed.
3. Release the switch, then hold the switch up again
for three seconds and release.
Sun Visors
Pull the visor toward you, or move it to the side to help
reduce glare.
To use the lighted mirror, lift the cover.
Theft-Deterrent Systems
Vehicle theft is big business, especially in some cities.
This vehicle has theft-deterrent features, however,
they do not make it impossible to steal.
Theft-Deterrent System
This vehicle has a theft-deterrent alarm system.
The security light flashes if
a door is open and locked
with the power door lock
If this light stays on while the engine is running, the
vehicle needs service.