Corvette C6 2009 Owners Manual PDF

If the vehicle does not start and the keyless access
transmitter appears to be undamaged, try another
keyless access transmitter. Or, place the transmitter in
the transmitter pocket. See “NO FOBS DETECTED”
under DIC Warnings and Messages on page 3-56 for
additional information. Check the fuse. See Fuses and
Circuit Breakers on page 5-103. If the engine still does
not start with the other transmitter, the vehicle needs
service. If the engine does start, the first transmitter may
be faulty. See your dealer/retailer or have a new keyless
access transmitter programmed to the vehicle.
The immobilizer system can learn new or replacement
keyless access transmitters. Up to four keyless
access transmitters can be programmed for the vehicle.
To program additional transmitters, see “Matching
transmitter(s) to Your Vehicle” under Keyless Access
System Operation on page 2-5.
Do not leave the key or device that disarms or
deactivates the theft deterrent system in the vehicle.
Starting and Operating
Your Vehicle
New Vehicle Break-In
Follow these recommended guidelines during the first
1,500 miles/2414 km of driving this vehicle. Parts have
a break-in period and performance will be better in the
long run.
For the first 200 miles/322 km:
To break in new tires, drive at moderate speeds and
avoid hard cornering for the first 200 miles/322 km.
New brake linings also need a break- in period. Avoid
making hard stops during the first 200 miles/322 km.
This is recommended every time brake linings are