2002 Citroen C8 Service Repair Manual PDF

CAR 050013
Méthodes Techniques Documentation
’The intellectual property rights relating to the technical information contained in this document belong
exclusively to the manufacturer. Reproduction, translation or distribution in whole or in part without
prior written authorisation from the manufacturer is forbidden.‘
«The technical information contained in this document is intended for the exclusive use of the trained personnel of the
motor vehicle repair trade. In some instances, this information could concern the security and safety of the vehicle. The
information is to be used by the professional vehicle repairers for whom it is intended and they alone would assume full
responsibility to the exclusion of that of the manufacturer».
«The technical information appearing in this brochure is subject to updating as the characteristics of each model in the
range evolve. Motor vehicle repairers are invited to contact the CITROËN network periodically for further information and
to obtain any possible updates».