Citroen XM 1989 2000 Workshop Manual PDF | Page 2

Contents Haynes Citroen XM
Routine Maintenance and Servicing
Citroen xm petrol models
chapter 1A
citroen xm diesel models
chapter IB
Engine and Associated Systems
petrol engine in-car repair procedures
chapter 2A
diesel engine in-car repair procedures
chapter 2B
general engine overhaul procedures
chapter 2C
cooling, heating and air conditioning systems chapter 3
fuel systems - petrol iniection models
chapter 4A
fuel systems - diesel models
chapter 4B
exhaust and emission control systems
chapter 4C
starting and charging systems chapter 5 A
ignition system (petrol models) chapter 5B
preheating system (dieel models) chapter 5C
clutch chapter 6
manual transmission chapter 7A
automatic transmission chapter 7B
drive shafts
chapter 8
Hydraulic system,
brakes and suspection
hydraulic system
chapter 9
braking system chapter 10
suspension and steering chapter 11
Body equipment
bodywork and fittings
chapter 12
body electrical system
chapter 13
wiring diagrams wiring diagrams
expert22 fl/ifl

Citroen XM 1989 2000 Workshop Manual Summary of Content

Contents Haynes Citroen XMRoutine Maintenance and ServicingCitroen xm petrol modelschapter 1Acitroen xm diesel modelschapter IBEngine and Associated Systemspetrol engine in-car repair procedureschapter 2Adiesel engine in-car repair procedureschapter 2Bgeneral engine overhaul procedureschapter 2Ccooling, heating and air conditioning systems chapter 3fuel systems - petrol iniection modelschapter 4Afuel systems - diesel modelschapter 4Bexhaust and emission control systemschapter 4Cstarting and charging systems chapter 5 Aignition system (petrol models) chapter 5Bpreheating system (dieel models) chapter 5CTransmissionclutch chapter 6manual transmission chapter 7Aautomatic transmission chapter 7Bdrive shaftschapter 8Hydraulic system,brakes and suspectionhydraulic systemchapter 9braking system chapter 10suspension and steering chapter 11Body equipmentbodywork and fittingschapter 12body electrical systemchapter 13wiring diagrams wiring diagramsexpert22 fl/ifl