2009 Ford Edge Owners Manual PDF | Page 2

Locks and Security 102
Keys 102
Locks 104
Anti-theft system 117
Seating and Safety Restraints 122
Seating 122
Safety restraints 134
Airbags 148
Child restraints 164
Tires, Wheels and Loading 181
Tire information 183
Tire inflation 185
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) 198
Vehicle loading 204
Trailer towing 210
Recreational towing 214
Driving 216
Starting 216
Brakes 221
AdvanceTrac? 223
Transmission operation 228
Reverse sensing system 232
Roadside Emergencies 242
Getting roadside assistance 242
Hazard flasher control 243
Fuel pump shut-off switch 244
Fuses and relays 244
Changing tires 251
Wheel lug nut torque 257
Jump starting 258
Wrecker towing 263
Table of Contents
2009 Edge (edg)
Owners Guide, 3rd Printing
USA (fus)

2009 Ford Edge Owners Manual Summary of Content

Locks and Security 102Keys 102Locks 104Anti-theft system 117Seating and Safety Restraints 122Seating 122Safety restraints 134Airbags 148Child restraints 164Tires, Wheels and Loading 181Tire information 183Tire inflation 185Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) 198Vehicle loading 204Trailer towing 210Recreational towing 214Driving 216Starting 216Brakes 221AdvanceTrac 223Transmission operation 228Reverse sensing system 232Roadside Emergencies 242Getting roadside assistance 242Hazard flasher control 243Fuel pump shut-off switch 244Fuses and relays 244Changing tires 251Wheel lug nut torque 257Jump starting 258Wrecker towing 263Table of Contents22009 Edge (edg)Owners Guide, 3rd PrintingUSA (fus)