2008 Ford Escape Hybrid Owners Manual PDF

To remove jack from vehicle:
1. Release the thumbscrew on the
2. Release the retention clip on the
upper part of the jack bracket.
3. Dislodge the jack from the
bracket and carefully guide jack
down and out through trim opening,
upper end out first.
Remove the lug wrench from the
jack in order to remove the spare
tire from under the vehicle.
Removing the spare tire or spare tire and tether (if equipped)
1. Insert the lug wrench through the
access hole in the rear bumper.
2. Turn the handle counterclockwise
and lower the spare tire until it can
be slid rearward and the cable is
3. Slide the retainer through the
center of the wheel.
2008 Escape Hybrid (ehv)
Owners Guide (post-2002-fmt)
USA (fus)
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