Ford Mustang 2005 Workshop Manual PDF

Appropriate service methods and proper repair procedure are essential for the safe, reliable operation of all motor
vehicles as well as the personal safety of the individual doing the work. This Manual provides general directions for
accomplishing service and repair work with tested, effective techniques. Following them will help assure reliability.
There are numerous variations in procedures, techniques, tools and parts for servicing vehicles, as well as in the skill
of the individual doing the work. This Manual cannot possibly anticipate all such variations and provide advice or
cautions as to each. Accordingly, anyone who departs from the instructions provided in this Manual must first
establish that he compromises neither his personal safety nor the vehicle integrity by his choice of methods, tools or
As you read through the procedures, you will come across NOTES, CAUTIONS, and WARNINGS. Each
one is there for a specific purpose. NOTES give you added information that will help you to complete a
particular procedure. CAUTIONS are given to prevent you from making an error that could damage the
vehicle. WARNINGS remind you to be especially careful in those areas where carelessness can cause
personal injury. The following list contains some general WARNING that you should follow when you work
on a vehicle.
Always wear safety glasses for eye protection.
Use safety stands whenever a procedure requires you to be under the vehicle with the vehicle jacked up.
Be sure that the ignition switch is always in the OFF position, unless otherwise required by the procedure.
Set the parking brake when working on the vehicle. It should be in REVERSE (engine OFF) or NEUTRAL
(engine ON) unless instructed otherwise for a specific operation. Place wood blocks (4”X4” or larger) to the
front and rear surfaces of the tires to provide further restraint from inadvertent vehicle movement.
Operate the engine only in a well-ventilated area to avoid the danger of carbon monoxide.
Keep yourself and your clothing away from the moving parts, when the engine is running, especially the fan
and drive belts.
To prevent serious burns, avoid contact with hot metal parts such as the radiator, exhaust manifold tail pipe,
catalytic converter and muffler.
Do not smoke while working on the vehicle.
To avoid injury, always remove rings, watches, loose hanging jewelry, and loose clothing before beginning
to work on a vehicle. Tie long hair securely behind the head.
Keep hands and other objects clear of the radiator fan blades, Electric cooling fans can start to operate at any
time by an increase in under hood temperatures, even though the ignition is in the OFF position. Therefore,
care should be taken to ensure that the electric cooling fan is completely disconnected when working under
the hood.
Disconnect the negative battery ground cable before using any electric welding equipment.