Ford Mustang 2007 Misc Documents Brochure PDF

Mustang mania
Face it, you’re chompin’ at the bit to grab the reigns and gun the gas.
If its any consolation, youre experiencing what more than 8 million buyers have felt
since Mustang first kicked loose. It set the ’60s a-swingin.’ It’s inspired fan clubs on
6 continents. Its starred in over 600 motion pictures. It’s in the winner’s circle at
the track and on the strip. And it helped drive the Firebird to extinction.
What’s it all mean?
Mustang is America’s pony car, and Mustang owners have way
more fun!
Takes no prisoners 2
Beauty is ’Stang deep 3
GT: wilder the better 4
Ditto for the V6 5
So sinful 6
GT/V6 model highlights 7
GT/V6 specifications 8
Shelby GT500 specifications 10
Exteriors 11