2007 GMC Canyon Owners Manual PDF | Page 104

Doors and Locks
Door Locks
Unlocked doors can be dangerous.
? Passengers, especially children, can
easily open the doors and fall out of
a moving vehicle. When a door is
locked, the handle will not open it.
You increase the chance of being
thrown out of the vehicle in a crash
if the doors are not locked. So, wear
safety belts properly and lock the
doors whenever you drive.
CAUTION: (Continued)
CAUTION: (Continued)
Young children who get into unlocked
vehicles may be unable to get out.
A child can be overcome by extreme
heat and can suffer permanent injuries
or even death from heat stroke.
Always lock your vehicle whenever
you leave it.
? Outsiders can easily enter through an
unlocked door when you slow down
or stop your vehicle. Locking your
doors can help prevent this from
There are several ways to lock and unlock your
To lock or unlock the door from the outside, use
the key in the driver?s or front passenger?s door
or press the lock or unlock button on the remote
keyless entry (RKE) transmitter.