2007 GMC Canyon Owners Manual PDF | Page 138

Four-wheel drive vehicles with the transfer
case in NEUTRAL will allow the vehicle to
roll, even if your automatic transmission
shift lever is in PARK (P). So, be sure the
transfer case is in a drive gear ? not in
NEUTRAL. Always set your parking brake.
Follow the proper steps to be sure your vehicle
will not move. See Shifting Into Park (P)
(Automatic Transmission) on page 132.
If you are pulling a trailer, see Towing a Trailer
on page 300.
Manual Rearview Mirror
While sitting in a comfortable driving position,
adjust the mirror so you can see clearly behind
your vehicle. Grip the mirror in the center to move
it up or down and side to side. The control at
the bottom of the mirror is the day/night feature
that allows adjustment to the mirror so that
the glare of headlamps from behind is reduced.
Push the control for daytime use; pull it for
night use.
Manual Rearview Mirror with
Mirror Operation
Your vehicle may have a manual rearview mirror
with the OnStar
System. You can adjust the mirror
for day or night driving. Press the tab forward for
day driving. Pull the tab back for night driving.